Mills Hills

152km with 3000 metres ascent.

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This ride is dedicated to the memory of Graham 'Up The Hills' Mills. It was run as an audax in 2008 and 2009 but hasn't attracted the level of interest necessary for it to continue as an organised event. However, it's a great route and one of which I am rather proud. Give it a try.

The route is demanding, following predominantly quiet, minor roads through the Clwydian and Berwyn hills. It's very much in the style of Graham's audaxes though, I promise, the only gates are those you pass outside Chirk Castle. You will be rewarded with dramatic scenery and testing climbs. Some of the ascents are steep; averaging 15% and over. The maximum gradient is around 20% but all should be manageable with appropriate gearing (I will be using a triple). The total ascent is around 3000 metres

On the outward leg, the route crosses the ford at World's End. The ford can be very slippery and caution is advised. Please read the "Hazards" section on the "Information" page.