Horseshoe Grimpeur

A non-competitive cycling challenge over 109km and climbing 2600 metres.

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Report and Results - 26 April 2009

A pleasant spring day in the Welsh hills. Dry and bright with a brisk north-easterly breeze.

All riders reported an enjoyable day out - this from Paul Crook, Wyre Forest CRC.


Name Club
Jake AkinsAUK Temp
Jim BeardBritish Cycling
Paul BeechAUK Temp
Ian BeresfordAUK Temp
Andrew BradleyCTC
Deborah CampbellAUK Temp
John CookeAUK Temp
Timothy CottamAudax UK
John CrookAUK Temp
Paul CrookAUK Temp
Gary DavisAUK Temp
Diane DavisAUK Temp
Anthony DelamuntyAUK Temp
Martin DonaldsonAudax UK
Andy DuffieldBritish Cycling
Paul FisherAUK Temp
Ricardo GarciaAUK Temp
Mike GarsideAudax UK
Steve GlosterAudax UK
Bernard GoodmanCTC
Derek GouldCTC
Tom GreenAudax UK
Steve GriffithsAudax UK
Peter HamblyAudax UK
Bill HurstCTC
Dirk JamesAudax UK
Kevin JonesCTC
Alan JoyceAUK Temp
Timothy LarradAudax UK
Frank LyonAUK Temp
Geoff MasonAudax UK
Phil MillarCTC
Simon MillerAUK Temp
Jim PercivalCTC
Mike ReadAudax UK
Karen RobinsonAUK Temp
Howard RodonAudax UK
Paul RogersAudax UK
Vicky StintonBritish Cycling
Stan ThomasAudax UK
Mark WalshAUK Temp
Jon WoodAudax UK
Colin WoodAUK Temp
Lyndon WrightAUK Temp

All the above completed the 110km within the time limit of 8 hours 30 minutes.

Non finishers2
Non starters9
Total entries46

In accordance with Audax UK rules, a list of finisher names only is published, without times or positions.